The Namon Foundation is a future force of ART Foundations and Preservation of all ART and ARTIFACTS and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by Ancestors in Recognition of Individual Foundations are a matter of choices spiritual connections to the inter self through all ART.

We will provide a Foundation by supplying art and recreating it into a master pice, or building on the thought of researching the creator by Ancestors Hairatige and education of each deed a individual chooses. We will support alcohol and other drugs non profits and inviromental institutions.

IDEASforUS.ORG As one of the nation’s, leading nonprofit in this country. Started in 2007 by family member Christopher Castro IDEAS is approved by the UNITED NATIONS and Christopher started IDEAS with hardly 2 nickels rubbed together. That is devoted dedicated persistence. We feel mental health fits this critical care for the world of adults and youth, the Foundations Creator has a network of collaborators throughout health care.

Through charitable support and a commitment to innovation, the Foundation will be able to continually enhance life’s research, programs and services, and help more people. With a legacy that began in 1919 Julius Namon. J Namon & Company a realastate investment company out of Chicago ILL.

Making old new again recycling in all areas connecting to the Unvivers throug kindness. We want to bring good things to life. Strong Foundations start with honesty to ones self, not selfish acts of others. The ART of living in unity is spiritual connecting. The ARTIFACTS the history. The ART destroyed revived by GODLIFE. HAIRATIGE Anthony Richard Thomas the hart of a Marine. Please support by buying art or donating art. You may also donate directly to TNT4KIDS.ORG or IDEASFORUS.ORG non profits.