SEC. Theft and TRADEMARK Infringement “PCTRU” CUSIP 204918 10 6, Stolen From Organized Fraud. and duplicating entities of trademark “PCTRU” 1865 Brickell ave. PC TRUST est U/A/D July 25, 2013. Richard Namon Birth Day JULY 25, 1935. owner of Security company under GODLIFE CHURCH INC> DEC. ,9. 1988. the sole original members of Stock 300,000 shares Class A-E 12/30/1987. Jay Namon, Karen Namon, Richard Namon aka Ricard Namon Jr. $30k Mortage to Church Property 1985 Lot 5 & 12 and EAS120685     &     wherever located.

Miami Herald Legal.

Anti-Trust of ($45,000,000.00 Plus in 2005 ) Probate Case 18-4444-CP-02  against a homemaker
Barbara Namon (ADT) (TUBB) Married Feb. 14, 2006 a Trustee Director of PC TRU INC, an international not-for-profit with Co-Exec. daughter Melonie. C. Altman a sales manager MomAutoParts.com Aug. 2006 established by owner Richard Sr. ( Hollander & Company) Three Days after full theft Feb. 23, 2015 GODLIFE CHURCH MEMBERS __ Signed Document by. Melonie C. Altman Feb, 26, 2015 an Obituary claiming ownership???? And now metal scrap yard for recycling ver. 10-23-14 on Hollander & Co.(  signature date Feb. 26, 2015 and effective date 4/30/2015 ) and under their bylaws. Of (Hollander & Company in ILL. Had lien on TRUST Property known as Sonia Namon Trust #9300 Jan. 7, 1972 for lease property Normal Baptist Church, Chicago Baptist Assoc. Original lean no. 367 January  1967. (Cook County ILL. Doc. 22 014 098 ) June 20, 1969 lots 12, 13, 14 of Block one of the Becks Subdivision.

Vizcaya Collectables SEC. 220   4980521. Tangible single property RICHARD NAMON and 1 employee
no SR. no JR.
Richard Namon aka Richard Namon Jr. J For J. Namon & Co. as Richard Jr kids and brother proclamation 198 years.

220.02 Legislative intent.

(1) It is the intent of the Legislature in enacting this code to impose a tax upon all corporations, organizations, associations, and other artificial entities which derive from this state or from any other jurisdiction permanent and inherent attributes not inherent in or available to natural persons, such as perpetual life, transferable ownership represented by shares or certificates, and limited liability for all owners.

196.031 (1)a

6, Art. VII of the State Constitution. Such title may be held by the entireties, jointly, or in common with others, and the exemption may be apportioned among such of the owners as reside thereon, as their respective interests appear. If only one of the owners of an estate held by the entireties.

Vizcaya Collectables was Registered to the deceased husband of plaintiff. Under Sec. 220.
Under Sec. 220.02 it clearly states the entirety is allowed under S, Art. VII.

The 1023 IRS form for PC TRU INC Page one also supports ART checked box by the executive director as required.

Under section 223.1 Vehicles used by any person for the sale of tangible and personal property wholesale or retail from his established place of business on which a local business tax is paid shall not be construed to be separate places of business and no local business tax my be levied on such vehicles of the operators, as salesman.

( TAX LAW)  Disposition of MACRS , GAA, restoration under the temporary regulations rule eliminate the mandatory disposition structural ( or component of a asset ) including the sale, exchange, retirement, physical abandonment, scrap as scrap metal of (263A / IRS moms auto parts creating minimis safe-harbor) also occurs on  transfer of assets

For more info additional facts visit RichardNamon.com or Call 305 666 6611 email. GODLIFE@RichardNamon.com
case 18-4444-CP-02 B. Namon states no trust of existence exist to Children of Richard Namon Sr. %Richard Namon the leader creator of a Private Foundation since Dec. 9, 1988 GODLIFE CHURCH INC 5555 Oakwood LN. Coral Gables Fl. 33156-2109 transfers March 1, 2014, (Three members Jay Namon, Karen Namon, Richard Namon aka Richard Namon Jr. THAT WHERE ISSUED SHARES OF CLASS A-E GIVING REQUIERD SECURED VOTING RIGHTS %60 AS RECIRED BY THE SEC. FILLINGS FOR THE $30 IN 1985 SHOWING THE MORTGAE OF GODLIFE CHURCH OR DADE COUNTY RECORED TITLE OF MORTGAGE. FPR CUSIP 204918 10 6, 12/30/1987 THE ORIGINAL 300,000.00 SHARES. GODLIFE CHURCH LOCKED SAME REGULATION TO THE ONLY THREE MEMEBERS. a land trust established to LOT 5 & 12 of recordings and wherever located as Church is allowed along with easements)

Chicago ILL. Land Trust 9300 JAN. 7, 1972 singed BY Sonia Namon. Trust of Sonia Namon, J. Namon & Co. sister Beatrice Lindstrom,  both resided at 750-758 Benevento Ave Coral Gables UNTILL BEATRICE DIED 2005.

( 2005, SEC FILLINGS OF 2005 SHOW THE NOW CONSOLIDATE ASSETS OTH THE CORPERTION WITH A $400,000.00 STOCK PURCHASE FROM SALE OF STOCK OWNED FARM TO SON A SHARE HOLDER $300,000 , AND THE $100,000.00 OF LAND INVESTMENT WITH RICHARD NAMON JR WHO RECIVED HALF OF THE SAME.) sold (Dec. 9, 2013 still active Tangible PROPERTY UNDER RICHARD NAMON / BARABRA NAMON IN 2020 ). FOLLOWING THE 10 YEAR MORATURUM TAX AS PARTIAL TAX CODE LOCKING THE PROERTY FROM COMPLETE SERVERD distribution.) Not-for-profit’s Dec, 9, 1988 and all DBA’s of Richard Namon. PCTRU trademark infringed from Washington DC location which governs SEC and Not-for-profits under the district courts of Columbia, A disbarred Lawyer in multiple states William S. Scott, and others Hersh, using a condominium association a not-for-profit trust. 1901 & 1865 Brickell Ave. PC TRUST TRU est. July 25, 2013 deceased Richard Namon D.O.B. July 25, 1935? Diverting the Stock owner ship by Entireties to GODLIFE CHURCH INC > “PCTRU” Trade Mark registered to last known Tangible property of J. Namon & Co.  7 NW 2nd Ave. Taxes Paid for 2013 by Richard Namon & private foundations and corporations.  fraudulent duplicated DBA’s were used as secondary now foreign Vehicles known as MOMSAUTOPARTS.COM owned by GODLIFE CHURCH INC. and reduplicated with a new EIN 46-1533379  In Nov. 2012. by daughter Melonie C. Altman as owner of Barbara Namon as agent and mailing address designated as PC TRU for intellectual property protection on 1023 p. 6. , plus moving stocks and bonds designated to Dade but now under the laws NEW YORK THE FOREIGN VHEHICLE THAT WAS CONSOLITED IMEDITLEY WHEN 990 FILLED FOR 2012 TO 5555 OAKWOOD LN.  AND THE Y24 ESTABLISED AS ON SEC. 2009 RETROACTIVE UPON DEATH A SUPLEMENTAL UNEMPLOYMENT TAX INCOE TRUST TAXED AT 2%. For the only three employees on SEC. statements (TAX LAWS PROC 2015-13 ALLOWING TAXPAYERS TO REQUEST A AUTOMATIC CHAGE UNDER THE PROCEDURE OF PROC 2011-14.) REQUIRES A AUTMATIC COPY OF FORM 3115 AND BEGAINING BEFORE JAN 1, 2015. FILLED UNDER THE REVISED TRANSITION RULES)  ALLOWING  TAXPAYERS TO LIQUIDATION ORECEDURES) UNDER ( .03 SECTIONS 5.01 (1) (C) OF REV. PROC 20 ) .

The Probate Courts appointed a curator in 2016 who’s law firm senior partner represented Barbara Namon in March 1, 2014 never disclosed newly discovered allowing for theft by the entireties do to stock diversions of. Merrill Lynch Confirmed verbally Jan. 5, 2016.
TRADEMARK INFRIDGEMENT.  “PCTRU”  aka corps. Gibraltar International , Vizcaya Collectables, Life Energies, Save The Biltmore, The Growing Fields 1994 w/son Richard jr./EzPalms agriculture 12203 sw 320 st all sold by 2014 or. All 3 properties Sold Insured from title insurance of “Old National Republic”. Multi title and or other corporations associated to some transfers immediately closed or reinstated
GODLIFE CHURCH INC. Reinstatement of this Corporation has been requested. All assets are stolen if not disclosed of existence to rightful heirs of Richard Namon.

PC TRU INC. Ein 27-076-1909, aka POLICY CENTER TO REDUCE UNEMPLOYMENT was a  Y24 after death IRS Code a Supplemental Income Trust C17Local Business Tax Personal Property to RICHRD NAMON no Sr of record. To Vizcaya Collectibles Tangible 4980521 SEC. 220 36 NE 1 ST. 419 similar address of Gibraltar International.
J. Namon & Company aka Dads Days Inc 1975.  amended March 1, 1977. Registration of stocks 550 shares. Julius Namon D.O.D. 1971 active in Chicago records 1922-1996.   475005149
Reflected on Namon & Co. LLC, and J. Namon & Co a Florida Corporation.
Namon’s Inc. registration of Stocks 100 shares

GODLIFE CHURCH INC 65-0133394 Doc # N29820

GodLife Church, Inc. Bylaws

Adopted this 26th day of July 1989 by resolution of the Trustees of the GodLife Church, Inc., a Florida Corporation

  1. Any individual, thirteen years or older, can join the GodLife Church, Inc by signing a card that indicated a desire to join. Their name shall be added to the membership roll; that roll shall be kept confidential.

2.               Once a member of the GodLife Church, Inc., an individual cannot be removed from membership. That individual can leave the Church by signing a card, and their name shall be removed from the membership roll.

3.               There will be a yearly meeting of the GodLife Church, Inc. and it will take place on the third Monday of February. At that time voting Church members will elect Trustees and Officers. This meeting shall include a financial report of income and expenditures for the previous calendar year. Financial information given at this meeting shall be available to members at all other times of the year.

4.               To be a voting Church members an individual must have contributed a minimum of $10.00 or one-thousandth of their gross annual income, whichever is greater, but not more than $100.00 in the previous calendar year. A vote can be given in person or by proxy.

5.               Those individuals who provide ministerial services for Church members will be appointed by a majority vote of Church Trustees and designated as ‘Church Leader’, and this position will be for life.

6.               The spiritual head of the GodLife Church will be appointed by a two-thirds majority vote of Church Trustees and be designated as ‘The Church Leader’, and this position will be for life.

7.               Removal from the position of ‘Church Leader’ of ‘The Church Leader’ by a two-thirds majority vote by Church Trustees can be only for one of six reasons:

a.               Inability to perform Church duties

b.               Teaching there is no Creator of this Universe.

c.               Advocating destruction of life or objects in the name of The Creator of this Universe.

d.               Preaching the superiority or the inferiority if individuals based in group traits, i.e. race, sex, religion, political beliefs, etc.

e.               Preaching or stating to an individual(s) that as a Church Leader their spiritual opinion takes precedence over the opinion of that individual.

f.                 Conviction of a felony.

8.               There will be a minimum of three Church Trustees. There will be one Trustee for every three thousand voting Church members up to a maximum of one thousand Trustees.

9.               Until 1 July 1990 these Bylaws can be changed by a majority vote of Church Trustees; thereafter a majority of Church Trustees only can change the exact dollar amounts in item (4) with other changes to be by a minimum vite of eighty percent of voting Church members. All Bylaw changes are restricted to annual meetings where they will be introduced, discussed and voted upon per the above.

10.           The precepts of The GodLife Church, Inc. will be imbodied in aTreatise written by ‘The Church Leader’ titled ‘Welcome to the GodLife Church’s with modifications as proposed by ‘Church Leaders’ and approved by a majority of ‘Church Leaders’.

11.           Financial transactions will be in accord with United States Internal Revenue Service rules regarding Churches.

12.           Financial and budget control will be the responsibility of the Church Trustees and Officers while religious teachings and investigations will be the responsibility of the ‘Church Leaders’. There is no implied mutual exclusion of the two groups – it is encouraged that ‘Church Leaders’ hold posts as Church Trustees and Officers.

13.           When feasible there shall be an annual meeting of ‘Church Leaders’ immediately following the yearly meeting of the GodLife Church, Inc.

  1. These Bylaws are in addition to those formulated in the initial incorporation of The GodLife Church, Inc. Where there are any conflicts with those Bylaws, these will supersede them.

Land Subject to a Moratorium (Section 193.011(2), F.S.). (a) The property appraiser shall consider any

moratorium imposed by law, ordinance, regulation, resolution, proclamation, or motion adopted by any

governmental body or agency which prohibits, restricts, or impairs the ability of a taxpayer to improve

or develop his property to its highest and best use in determining the value of the property.

IRC 514(b)(3)(E) sets forth a special rule for churches. Churches do not have to meet the neighborhood requirement in order to receive advance nontax treatment. However, churches are required to apply for a ruling to continue to receive the benefit after five years, but a favorable ruling covers the next ten years.

220.02 Legislative intent.

(1) It is the intent of the Legislature in enacting this code to impose a tax upon all corporations, organizations, associations, and other artificial entities which derive from this state or from any other jurisdiction permanent and inherent attributes not inherent in or available to natural persons, such as perpetual life, transferable ownership represented by shares or certificates, and limited liability for all owners.
6, Art. VII of the State Constitution. Such title may be held by the entireties, jointly, or in common

Rule of Practice 220(c), 17 C.F.R. § 201.220(c) (providing that “an answer shall specifically admit, deny, or state that the party does not have, and is unable to obtain, sufficient information to admit or deny each allegation in the order instituting proceedings” and “must affirmatively state . . . any avoidance or affirmative defense . . . .”).