GodLife Church, Inc. Bylaws

Adopted this 26th day of July 1989 by resolution of the Trustees of the GodLife Church, Inc., a Florida Corporation

  1. Any individual, thirteen years or older, can join the GodLife Church, Inc by signing a card that indicated a desire to join. Their name shall be added to the membership roll; that roll shall be kept confidential.

2.               Once a member of the GodLife Church, Inc., an individual cannot be removed from membership. That individual can leave the Church by signing a card, and their name shall be removed from the membership roll.

3.               There will be a yearly meeting of the GodLife Church, Inc. and it will take place on the third Monday of February. At that time voting Church members will elect Trustees and Officers. This meeting shall include a financial report of income and expenditures for the previous calendar year. Financial information given at this meeting shall be available to members at all other times of the year.

4.               To be a voting Church members an individual must have contributed a minimum of $10.00 or one-thousandth of their gross annual income, whichever is greater, but not more than $100.00 in the previous calendar year. A vote can be given in person or by proxy.

5.               Those individuals who provide ministerial services for Church members will be appointed by a majority vote of Church Trustees and designated as ‘Church Leader’, and this position will be for life.

6.               The spiritual head of the GodLife Church will be appointed by a two-thirds majority vote of Church Trustees and be designated as ‘The Church Leader’, and this position will be for life.

7.               Removal from the position of ‘Church Leader’ of ‘The Church Leader’ by a two-thirds majority vote by Church Trustees can be only for one of six reasons:

a.               Inability to perform Church duties

b.               Teaching there is no Creator of this Universe.

c.               Advocating destruction of life or objects in the name of The Creator of this Universe.

d.               Preaching the superiority or the inferiority if individuals based in group traits, i.e. race, sex, religion, political beliefs, etc.

e.               Preaching or stating to an individual(s) that as a Church Leader their spiritual opinion takes precedence over the opinion of that individual.

f.                 Conviction of a felony.

8.               There will be a minimum of three Church Trustees. There will be one Trustee for every three thousand voting Church members up to a maximum of one thousand Trustees.

9.               Until 1 July 1990 these Bylaws can be changed by a majority vote of Church Trustees; thereafter a majority of Church Trustees only can change the exact dollar amounts in item (4) with other changes to be by a minimum vite of eighty percent of voting Church members. All Bylaw changes are restricted to annual meetings where they will be introduced, discussed and voted upon per the above.

10.           The precepts of The GodLife Church, Inc. will be imbodied in aTreatise written by ‘The Church Leader’ titled ‘Welcome to the GodLife Church’s with modifications as proposed by ‘Church Leaders’ and approved by a majority of ‘Church Leaders’.

11.           Financial transactions will be in accord with United States Internal Revenue Service rules regarding Churches.

12.           Financial and budget control will be the responsibility of the Church Trustees and Officers while religious teachings and investigations will be the responsibility of the ‘Church Leaders’. There is no implied mutual exclusion of the two groups – it is encouraged that ‘Church Leaders’ hold posts as Church Trustees and Officers.

13.           When feasible there shall be an annual meeting of ‘Church Leaders’ immediately following the yearly meeting of the GodLife Church, Inc.

  1. These Bylaws are in addition to those formulated in the initial incorporation of The GodLife Church, Inc. Where there are any conflicts with those Bylaws, these will supersede them.

Land Subject to a Moratorium (Section 193.011(2), F.S.). (a) The property appraiser shall consider any

moratorium imposed by law, ordinance, regulation, resolution, proclamation, or motion adopted by any

governmental body or agency which prohibits, restricts, or impairs the ability of a taxpayer to improve

or develop his property to its highest and best use in determining the value of the property.

IRC 514(b)(3)(E) sets forth a special rule for churches. Churches do not have to meet the neighborhood requirement in order to receive advance nontax treatment. However, churches are required to apply for a ruling to continue to receive the benefit after five years, but a favorable ruling covers the next ten years.

220.02 Legislative intent.

(1) It is the intent of the Legislature in enacting this code to impose a tax upon all corporations, organizations, associations, and other artificial entities which derive from this state or from any other jurisdiction permanent and inherent attributes not inherent in or available to natural persons, such as perpetual life, transferable ownership represented by shares or certificates, and limited liability for all owners.
6, Art. VII of the State Constitution. Such title may be held by the entireties, jointly, or in common

Rule of Practice 220(c), 17 C.F.R. § 201.220(c) (providing that “an answer shall specifically admit, deny, or state that the party does not have, and is unable to obtain, sufficient information to admit or deny each allegation in the order instituting proceedings” and “must affirmatively state . . . any avoidance or affirmative defense . . . .”).

This has not been done as of the date 7/10/2020 of posting or a complete certification by anyone of assets ordered by the courts in 2015. All properties Sold By 2014 avoiding the 2-year rules to dissolve/merge a Church active over 2 days of existence, governed by approval of its members and accountability of assets.